You = Your Own Worst Enemy

Yes we face an uphill battle being women in a male-dominated industry. We will be scrutinized and forced to prove ourselves more than the typical man. What we don’t realize though, is sometimes we are our own worst enemy.

We can’t dwell on the fact that we are the only woman. Our gender doesn't define us and our abilities. If we go into a situation not trusting ourselves because of what society has deemed the norm, our confidence suffers. The sports world is full of women who conform to society’s ideals. I’m pretty so I can be on television, but I expect that no one takes me seriously or thinks I have a clue what I’m talking about. If that’s the way we present ourselves, that’s the way we are seen. 

It’s time for women to have more of a presence in this industry, more than just based on their looks, but their knowledge and opinions of the sports they cover. Rachel Nichols is a great example. She asks the tough questions regardless of how it may make her look. And she does her research and people respect her. We need to strive to be leaders, instead of settling for lower-level jobs with less power.

We need to be confident in our knowledge and abilities. If we didn’t know what we were talking about, if we didn’t work our tails off, we wouldn’t be where we are now. Instead of constantly telling ourselves we can’t do something because we are a woman, we need to feel empowered and push ourselves to the limit. We need to stop saying I'm doing this IN SPITE of being a woman, and start saying that I'm doing this because I worked hard and I'm knowledgable.

Being a woman doesn't define who we are. It is just our outer shell. What matters is our brains, not our bra size. We need to strive to do big things, huge things. Next female president? Next female general manager is more like it.