What To Do When You Hear the Word 'No'

I've heard 'no' in my career more times than I can count. I've been passed up for jobs because I didn't have enough experience,  because I was a woman, or because I just didn't have the right qualifications.

The last time I heard the word 'no' was yesterday. I had been reached out to about a potential promotion and had interviewed for it. I really wanted the job and thought I had a good chance. Unfortunately, it came down to me and another person and I didn't get it because of seniority. I was and still am heartbroken, but I know my opportunity will come.

Here's some advice I have if you hear the word 'no':

It's okay to cry: Wait until you are alone and let it out. Cry until your head hurts. But tell yourself once you cry it out, that it's time to move on. You are never going to be on your game for another opportunity if you are still moping about the last one you missed out on.

Use it as an opportunity to learn: I got some great feedback from my interviewers about how I did in my interviews. They told me that I actually beat out a bunch of senior people because I showed a passion for the company and did a great interview. They told me that it was very close and came down to the fact that I had been there less time than my opposition. Soliciting feedback from your interviewers will only make you better for your next opportunity. Which brings me to my next tip...

Follow up: It's always good to follow up, even after you don't get a position. Let them know how thankful you are for them considering you and use it as an opportunity to get feedback on how you could be better next time. Mention that you'd love to be considered for a future position. You never know, something could open up that you are perfect for and you reaching out could get you the job.

Work harder: Use their 'no' as fuel to your fire. Throw yourself into your work. Try and take on more responsibility. Prove to you and them that you deserved the job, even if they don't actually know it.

Keep trying: It's very easy to give up, especially in the sports industry, if you hear 'no'. If it's something you are passionate about, don't let someone else keep you from your dreams. Someone along the way will see your talent and passion and give you a chance. Focus on your work and keep searching for opportunities you are interested in. Like I keep telling myself, it's just a matter of time before someone says 'yes'.